Who else other than a French enthusiasts to create REAL Exchange Programs in France!
Who else other than a French enthusiasts to create REAL Exchange Programs in France!
Paris will not be an unexplored city anymore, you will discover each corner of Paris and all its symbols: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Bateaux-mouche, Versailles, Astérix Park/Disneyland...
Berlin has an incredible attraction force, an amazing enthusiasm in this moody and civilized Europe today. This is where another lifestyle still seems possible.
Visionary architecture, beaches, parks and tapas corners ... Barcelona is a heaven for the curious!
1750 EUR
The media often talks about but do they really know Germany? Known for its business acumen, this great country is the least known for its tourist attractions. Yet it has an immense cultural heritage too, often overshadowed by its recent history.
A creation by our Italian team to make you fall in love with land of Pizza, Prada and The Pope!
Flat country, land of tolerance, homeland of liberalism, other countries cheese, tulip fields and canals frozen in time ... Many clichés surrounding the Netherlands and while some stick to reality, others hide a society more complex than it seems.
Welcome to Portugal! Cobblestone streets in the shadow of castles, authentic villages, mesmerizing cities, golden sand ... this land bathed in sun holds many more surprises. Be seduced by history, flavors, landscapes and the atmosphere of this country at the end of Europe!
There is not one Spain but many. The participant who crosses the Iberian Peninsula will note the extraordinary diversity of Spain, a country that lives since the end of Francoism, a brilliant revival and modernization at high speed.
Switzerland looks like an island planted in the center of Europe. The country is nonetheless composed of surprisingly varied landscapes and populations with very different characters.